Inappropriate Radio DJ Plays Funny Songs After Giving Bad News

 - Jan 25, 2012
References: reddit & gigglefactory.tumblr
Howard Stern may be the reigning personality people think of when they hear "shock radio," but with the arrival of this Inappropriate Radio DJ meme, Internet users may be associating a different face with humorous radio banter.

The way the Inappropriate Radio DJ meme works is that said DJ will announce some outrageous news story on-air before cutting to a song, only the song he chooses to play afterwards always seems insensitive to the news he just presented to his listeners. For example, one of these hilarious image macros reads: "Twelve people died in a fire at a nightclub. Next up: Panic! At the Disco." The hilarity is amplified because of the expression on the DJ’s face, which looks as smarmy as you can get.