The iN1 Phone Case Comes With Removable Tools for Mini Emergencies

 - Oct 9, 2013
References: in1case & fashionotes
The iN1 phone case will make you wonder how you’ve lasted with a regular phone protector all these years.

This phone cover looks like any other case from afar, however it has extra functions that make a must-have. In addition to protecting your phone when it falls on the floor, this one comes with removable tools to help you with everyday crises. For example if you’re running late for work or for a party but your eyebrows are in desperate need of some work, this phone case actually comes with tweezers to get the job done on the go. Furthermore, if you’ve just gone on a date or a business meeting, excuse yourself to the washroom and use the included toothpick to get out any embarrassing spinach leftovers.

The iN1 phone case seemingly has everything you need for going about your days, as it even comes with a red and blue pen, a screwdriver, a nail file, scissors and a flathead.