Improv Everywhere in Suitcase Stunt

 - Apr 4, 2008
References: improveverywhere
I’m even more convinced that Improv Everywhere is the world’s most creative guerrilla marketing company!

"GuerilLA had folks who seemed like strangers spontaneously come together for a game of Follow The Leader at the Getty Center," Improv Everywhere explains.

Another project was Human Dominoes which took place on March 29 at South Station in Boston. The event, which has also been called the Suitcase Spectacle 2008, was organized by the Boston Society of Spontaneity, part of IE’s global network.

For background, Improv Everywhere is the company behind the naked Abercrombie models as well as the freeze campaign at Grand Central Station in New York. The campaign was so well received, it’s spurred a Global Freeze Phenomenon which includes similar events in 52 cities, one of the most recent being Beijing.