This Affluent Bathing Experience in China Features Royal Role Play

 - Feb 20, 2013
References: luxurylaunches
Emperor lifestyle and imperial baths are fantasies that some affluent citizens of the world are willing to pay a lot to experience. Fortunately for these folks, there are insanely overpriced and organized services that fulfill these fantasies.

One such service is held at The Springs Hotel, at the Lushan Mountain County in China. It costs around $16,000 for an affluent imperial bathing experience, where the bather is dressed up as emperor and a group of women are dressed as imperial concubines. The women wait until the costumer finishes bathing and feed him with fruits and wine.

This much sounds much like a niche, fantasy fulfilling experience. However, when you add the curious onlookers observing the session into the equation, the outcome becomes a whole new phenomenon that, to say the least, looks curiously odd through a picture frame.