‘I’m Not Alright’ Drawings by Mak Ying Tun

 - Aug 28, 2012
References: kiddoes.net
‘I’m Not Alright’ is an illustration set that pokes fun at everyday activities of people. Human beings are troubled creatures, overwhelming themselves with concerns and worries: your dinner for the night, your hair growing thin and white, your kid’s grades at school, and even bigger anxieties. On the contrary, animals and inanimate objects seem quite pleasantly content without all of these "big ideas."

I’m Not Alright is an illustration series by Mak Ying Tung, an artist and illustrator. In this set, humanly concerns are projected onto those who don’t think in the same way. The result is irony and satire, but perhaps also a hearty laugh. Wonderfully whimsical and with a great deal of perspective, this set may bring relief to viewers’ furrowed brows.