Valerie Stachurski Discusses the Charm Behind 'I'm Charming You'

 - Mar 6, 2014
References: charmingmedia & youtube
Valerie Stachurski is the blogger mastermind behind the 'I'm Charming You' blog site.

Going into her profession with zero knowledge on social media, Valerie Stachurski fell into the blogsphere with grace and charm. Valerie came to Toronto without a job before she started doing basic data entry for a marketing agency. After getting her feet wet, she was asked to take over their blogging site and 'I'm Charming You' was birthed into existence. Staying true to her artistic integrity is very important to Valerie, which is why she chooses to keep in tune with her goofy antics and playful personality despite and uptight peers and money hungry associates she crosses paths with.

Covering all kinds of media events and hot happenings in Toronto, 'I'm Charming You' continues to charm.