The Ilumi A19 Helps You Sleep Better and Boosts Your Mood

 - Mar 18, 2016
Ilumi, fast becoming a leader in the growing smart lightbulb market, has raised the bar yet again with its A19 smart bulb, a second-generation bulb that puts illumination control at your fingertips.

This smart lightbulb can be controlled and tweaked via a companion smartphone app. The app allows you to tune the bulb in such a way that it emits light at a color temperature and intensity that is optimized towards boosting your sleep, enhancing your mood and supporting every aspect of your lifestyle.

These lightbulbs employ long-range Bluetooth Mesh wireless connectivity, which makes it exceedingly easy for you to start with a single bulb before expanding to a home setup. Once you scale up, you can continue using the Ilumi app to control your network of smartbulbs in a hassle-free manner.