Victoria Lucas and Richard William Wheater Make Illuminated Love Songs

Artists Victoria Lucas and Richard William Wheater partnered up for a heart-warming display of illuminated love songs.

The red installations called '12 Months of Neon Love' consisted of a series of signs constructed at Lucas and Wheater's West Yorkshire studio. Each month the two would concoct and install a new love song sign. They did this over a span of a year and the result is a beautiful and nostalgic display of love and the lines from songs that commemorate and perpetuate these feelings. Some of the fantastic signs included lyrics like Annie Lenox's "No more I love yous" and the classic Joy Division line "Love, love will tear us apart again." These signs connect people to their memories and the love and anguish associated with them.

Lucas and Wheater have compiled a book about their illuminated neon love songs experience and it is available for purchase on their sisitete.