The iHeart Locket Diary by DANO Revolutionizes Children Diaries

 - May 27, 2013
References: danotoys.myshopify & psfk
With the iHeart Locket diary, secret journals have never been more protected from parents. An entirely free digital diary available as an app for the iPad, the iHeart Locket necklace works with diary app to create a great place to stash all your crush details, your pictures and true feelings.

One of the most nerve-racking things as a child was the thought of your parents finding you could potentially discover all your secrets and read your diary. With iHeart Locket necklace, you can digitally add pictures, hand-drawings, stickers and even voice-overs to your written memories. You can even talk directly into the locket to have your experiences recorded for you if that's easier. And, just in case, there's a button option to magically 'erase' the diary's contents. And if you'd prefer a hard-copy record of your diary, there is a printable option too!