Igor Artyomenko Renders Digital Images of Futuristic City Life

 - Apr 27, 2012
References: vk & cuded
Though still relatively young, Kazakhstani illustrator Igor Artyomenko is already adept at producing images you’d expect from a concept art veteran. Showing his technical prowess with a digital pen tablet, the budding creative renders expansive scenes that are packed with information and visual flair. What’s also great about Artyomenko is that he still retains a distinct style despite many digital artists’ tendency to replicate established illustrators’ work. This quality is most evident when he’s painting women, as Artyomenko’s style appears to be a personal blend of Eastern and Western art aesthetics.

Several of Igor Artyomenko’s paintings feature scenes which take place in metropolises. It’s amazing how varied Artyomenko can convey cities as one depiction is reminiscent of Tokyo while another appears to be some steampunk urban sprawl that’s been set ablaze.