The iFresh Keeps You Informed of the Declining Quality of Your Groceries

 - Nov 12, 2013
References: & yankodesign
A terrible amount of food is wasted just about every day in every refrigerator because people simply forget to eat it before the expiration date. The iFresh system has been designed to assist the average person with pantry management by keeping track of the contents of their coolers and how long each item has been stashed inside.

Yang Fei, Sun Yingjie and Chen Xiaofeng won a 2013 Red Dot Design Award for this project; it comprises an electronic fridge magnet with a barcode scanner, a digital display and internal memory for keeping your culinary inventory. As you stock up your icebox, scan each edible and plug in the number of days until the established expiry. The iFresh device will then constantly update you about the quality of the food you've got, communicating in glowing numbers and voices.