Ida Liffner Melds Northern Lights Photographs with Detailed Drawings

 - Dec 17, 2011
References: idaliffner.blogspot & dopeart.tumblr
'Dinner Conversations' by Ida Liffner is truly an inspirational series which blends photographs of auroras with intricate drawings of sweater-clad arms during supper time discussions.

The amazing colors displayed by the Northern Lights images contrast amazingly well with Liffner's meticulous renderings of highly expressive hands. More importantly, they tell a story of what Liffner and a few house guests must have been conversing about during a shared meal. The cliched saying of "a picture is worth a thousand words" rings truest with this visually astonishing art series.

Ida Liffner is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer based in Stockholm. She's extremely versatile, rendering subjects in a realistic or cartoonish manner depending on what each image requires. Her mastery over a variety of art media is quite astounding.