iCukoo by Chelsea Apps Factory Donates Money Every Time People Hit Snooze

 - Dec 5, 2014
References: icukoo & fastcoexist
Whether people need more incentive to donate to a create cause or to simply get out of bed at a decent time, iCukoo is just for them. iCukoo is a charitable alarm clock that is meant to help people with the latter, but it could easily be used with the former in mind as well. Especially for those with a more lax schedule.

Created by Chelsea Apps Factory, iCukoo donates money every time the user hits snooze. By doing so, iCukoo creates a silver lining around the common occurrence. Josh Hart, one of the developers, shares, "It came from my girlfriend snoozing every morning, and me getting increasingly irritated with waking up three times before actually getting up. But now the irritation will be replaced with a much more pleasant feeling.