All-New International Center for the History of Electronic Games (ICHEG) Opens

 - Sep 18, 2011
References: & gamepolitics
After receiving a mysterious $500,000 grant from health insurance provider BlueShield, the International Center for the History of Electronic Games (ICHEG) will be opening its doors to scholars, researchers and ordinary gamers.

You may not be aware of this, but in the 20 short years since the gaming industry's inception, its size and gross revenue have eclipsed those of the TV and film markets combined. Although gaming is big business, its importance as an artistic medium and a cultural rallying point is only just being explored. Luckily the ICHEG and the Library of Congress have devoted their resources to cataloging and documenting the growing relevance of games in our everyday lives.

The ICHEG will not only archive old games whose technology requires preservation, but has invited industry luminaries to deliver speeches and presentations on the expanding impact that video games have on our culture, our expressive abilities and the way in which we interact.