The iBrailler App Effectively Accommodates the Visually Challenged

 - Mar 24, 2015
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The brilliant iBrailler app is now poised to make the iPad more accessible to the visually challenged. The app started as a summer project for Sohan Dharamraja and Adrian Lew from Stanford University and Adam Duran from New Mexico State University. Now after three years, it is available in the App store and claimed to be the fastest Brailler ever.

The iBrailler app works with the VoiceOver (which reads aloud) and also has Audio Feedback, so the visually impaired user knows where he or she is in the app, or what they type or edit. Best of all, iBrailler app allows the visually impaired user to type on its display. When the user puts his or her fingers on the screen of the iPad, the braille buttons appear. So the user does not need any assistance in trying to locate the buttons. They keyboard in the iBrailler app can be used to type, navigate around text, cut, copy and paste and currently works with English, Braille Grade 1 and 2, and Six-Dot Computer Braille.