This 'I Love Coffee' Blogger Counts Starbucks Calories

 - Mar 20, 2014
References: & elitedaily
'I Love Coffee' blogger Ryoko reminds us that drinking Starbucks coffee isn't always more healthy than eating McDonald's. Ryoko created an infographic that compares the calories in our favorite Starbucks drinks to the calories in the junk food we try to avoid.

The statistics reveal some disturbing facts about the drinks we thought were the healthier option. Drinking one cafe latte is as bad as eating pizza and a peppermint white chocolate mocha has the same amount of calories as almost four cans of coke. The infographic is basically like playing a game of would you rather, and the question is would you rather indulge in greasy snacks or liquid desserts? The answer: who cares, they're both bad for you.

I wish this infographic was more of a wake up call, but unfortunately, Starbucks is just too delicious to avoid.