Social Lights by Seymour Templar Shows a Familiar Phenomenon

 - Nov 16, 2011
References: cargocollective & photographyserved
As much as people hate to admit it, modern lives are pretty much controlled by the Internet; the Social Lights series of images by Seymour Templar proves it.

The Brooklyn design director and photographer captures the candid moments of regular, unsuspecting people with their eyes fixated on their phone screens and other related devices even when they are in the middle of having a meal at a restaurant, smoking by the couch, or simply lurking by the street.

Social Lights by Seymour Templar tells viewers that, as the sun sets and the night dawns, they see not only the building, street and car lights anymore, but would also notice the eerie glow on people’s faces as they move their fingers over the device that they hold most dear.