The Hypersound Speakers Can Eliminate Noise Pollution and Ambient Noise

 - Jan 15, 2014
References: pocket-lint & psfk
In response to the Consumer Electronics Show 2014, a new system attempts to revolutionize how we listen to sound with the newest technology Hypersound speakers that aim to reduce noise pollution and eradicates ambient noise. Music lovers and sound enthusiasts can now rejoice as noise pollution can be completely eradicated with the newest technology that specifically directs sound waves within a particular wave of air.

"The aim is to be able to send different audio streams to different people using a Kinect-like system recognizing people sitting on a sofa, without them having to wear headphones," says spokesman David Lowey on the inspiration behind the innovative technology.

The technology was developed by Parametric Sound and is now owned by Turtle Beach; a renowned gaming headphone manufacturer that focuses on enhancing 3D gaming systems. Designed for the home, the HyperSound system shoots sound waves between a 75 cm wide column of air that can only be experienced by users sitting in the device's direct path.