the HyO-Cup Comes From Gourds Grown in Specific 3D-Printed Mold

 - Jul 25, 2018
References: fastcompany
Designed by Jun Aizaki and his team at Crème Design, the HyO-Cup is a unique prototype cup made from a gourd grown inside a 3D-printed mold. The 3D-printed mold is key to the design of these sustainable cups as it allows the gourd to grow in a uniform and predictable shape allowing for better storage and shipping. Before settling on the final design Aizaki and his team spent three summers growing gourds to determine the best design. After these rigorous tests, the team decided on two designs for the HyO-Cup; one in a flask style and the other as a stackable cup.

The process of creating HyO-Cups is still far from efficient and generally, takes five to six months to create. However, Aizaki hopes that one-day mass-grown drinking receptacles will be the future for coffee shops and fast food restaurants.