Crag Carrick's Donug is an Unconventional and Tasty Food Hybrid

 - Jun 21, 2018
References: loveadonug & designtaxi
The 'Donug' is an innovative hybrid treat that mixes classic American food items — the doughnut and the chicken nugget. This unconventional breakthrough in recipe engineering is made by Crag Carrick — a man of Scottish descent who lives in Australia. The hybrid treat is described by its creator as "a crispy, plumper chicken nugget that is shaped like a doughnut."

The culinary endeavor is fueled by Shark Tank Australia and the Donug will begin appearing in temporary pop-up locations in July. The hybrid treat will be made with deep-fried free-range chicken, doused in cornflake and panko crumb coatings. In addition, the foodie invention will be seasoned with one of three sauces, including "Japanese curry sauce with mozzarella, hot chili sauce [and] cheesy Dijon béchamel."

Photo Credits: @loveadonug