The Humberto Hermeto JE House Brings Luxury to the Countryside

The Humberto Hermeto JE House is a stunning piece of work nestled in Vale dos Cristais, Nova Lima, MG, Brazil. The architects make use of rectangular shapes to produce a building that is both captivating and practical.

The building is also equipped with a pool out the back, allowing dwellers to overlook mountain ranges and green spaces. The Humberto Hermeto JE House also comes equipped with an art gallery in the basement upon special request from the art-loving owner. Unique and definitely intriguing to look at, the JE House will surely be a space that many would want to live in.

Implications - With the economic recession slowly recovering, consumers are now looking for products that exude luxury. Companies would be wise to create commodities with elements of prestige so individuals can once again assert their independence through their purchases.