The Humanix iSAVE-SC1 is Made Out of Inflated Tent Fabric

 - Nov 1, 2011
References: & dvice
People have joked about the road being made out of rubber mulch like playgrounds or cars made out of cushions, but these jokes have taken a serious turn with the creation of the Humanix iSAVE-SC1. This car is being touted as the safest vehicle on earth, and that's because it is made out of inflated tent fabric balloons instead of metal or plastic parts.

Although the Humanix iSAVE-SC1 looks more like an electric golf cart than an actual car, it can be driven on the roads. Putting function over looks, it is definitely an industry first. More than that, it reverses the current logic that many car manufacturers and drivers hold: that a person is better off getting hit with the Humanix iSAVE-SC1 than hitting another car.

The Humanix iSAVE-SC1 is going on sale next month in Japan for $10,000.