The Human Furriery of Nicola Constantino Makes Areolas an Accessory

As an interesting contrast to fur coats and hide scarves, the Human Furriery of Nicola Constantino offers an unexpected look at the form fashion takes when made from man's own flesh. The artist's collection of pieces come from a body of work built up over the course of the last decade, turning skin into apparel and accessories, embellished with one's more sensitive parts.

Objects like Nipple Hermes Handbags, High Heels with Nipples, Male Nipples Dresses with Natural Hair and the Male Nipples Corset take tiny corporeal features and multiply them across the surface of the fair-colored fabric. The artist has even created a pair of Man Shoes covered with anuses. Making the aspects one usually covers up into the embellishments one covers herself with, the Human Furriery of Nicola Constantino provides an unusual perspective of style.