The Human Charger by Valkee Emits a Transcranial Bright Light

 - May 15, 2015
References: usa.valkee & psfk
As easy as it has become to travel the around the world and back again, the effects of the inevitable time changes still take a big toll; enter the Human Charger. Created by Finnish startup Valkee, it is a device that emits transcranial bright light (TBL) treatment that significantly quickens the rate of jet lag recovery, which include reduced post-travel symptoms and "subjective feelings of fatigue, inertia, and forgetfulness."

Although the affects of transcranial bright light is still being tested, the Human Charger has been adopted by Finnair’s flight crews. Psfk writes, "Singapore Airlines, KLM and Iberia planes have also begun stocking the headsets for their own long-haul passengers." This could mean a huge shift in traveling in regards to health.