Huang Guofu Creates Artworks Using Only His Mouth and Feet

 - Aug 31, 2012
References: mymodernmet & boredpanda
An artist by the name of Huang Guofu has been doing the unthinkable; without the use of either of his arms, Huang paints stunning masterpieces only using his feet and mouth.

The man lost both his arms during a terrible electric shock accident when he was only a child at the age of four. Huang did not let that stop him from going after what he was passionate about. At the age of 12, Huang started to paint using his feet. Now, at the age of 42, he is a professional painter who uses his mouth as well to create some realistic paintings.

Because of his positive attitude and hard work, Huang Guofu was also appointed the vice-curator of Chonqing Talents Museum just last year.