The Huaibei Planning Exhibition Hall Incorporates a Hybrid Program

 - Jul 20, 2012
References: suckerpunchdaily
When an architect can afford the space, it's nice to have a bit of land to work with for the approach to a building, rather than having its exterior walls butt up against the curb. The Huaibei Planning Exhibition Hall and Gallery is a study of the most effective way to balance the breadth of this threshold area.

Di Wu's proposal for Hefei, China, features a colossal geometric structure that appears to be a manipulated rectangular prism, pulled by its corners and creased in its walls to produce an intriguing multifaceted structure that's interrupted by glass projections and integrated with elevated and sloping lawns. The goal behind the design of the Huaibei Planning Exhibition Hall and Gallery was to pull the public onto the site and engage them with a dynamic outdoor program that could act as a venue for a range of different events.