The BridgeMTM GPS Mobile Tablet is Minimal

 - Mar 18, 2012
References: youtube & bridgemtm
If you want to mount your GPS navigation-enabled smartphone or tablet on your dash but don’t want to clutter up your windshield or put sticky stuff on your dashboard, the BridgeMTM GPS mobile tablet is the perfect solution.

Want your device mounted very near the steering wheel within the touch of a finger while maintaining your head up with both hands on the wheel? This mount achieves this feat with something called precision positioning. The device is a universal mount that is portable and adjustable for virtually any car or truck, and does not need any OEM-specific brackets or plates. It also installs in a couple minutes and can be removed in seconds.  

The BridgeMTM GPS mobile tablet even simultaneously mounts your video cam or camera with the included attachment for taking pictures or video of where you’re driving. When you need to adjust that knob or vent on your dash behind the tablet, just lift up the tablet easily with one hand and access the dashboard. The tablet then lowers back down into the original position.