This Infographic Explains How to Get Hacked and How to Prevent it

 - Aug 16, 2013
References: hotspotshield & bitrebels
It can be beneficial to learn how to get hacked in order to see where your weaknesses are and how to build up the defenses in order to prevent it from actually happening to you.

As explained in this infographic by Hotspot Shield VPN, hackers are mostly after the payment data often stored on computers and online shopping websites, and they may go after personal information if they wish to steal your identity. Hackers can create their own WIFI hotspots, disguising them as public networks and steal any valuable data from users who connect to their networks. You can even be cyber attacked by emails that seem to come from contacts you know with links to malicious websites and malware downloads.

Learn how to get hacked so it doesn't happen to you.