The 'How Green is the iPad' Infographic Pits Apple Against Nature

The tablet has been a large success since its release, and the 'How Green is the iPad' infographic examines how eco-friendly this device really is.

This statistical poster breaks down the physical makeup of the iPad to ensure its features are recyclable and non-harmful to the environment. The iPad's display is made of arsenic-free glass and has a mercury-free LCD free screen. Furthermore, the body is made of a recyclable aluminum and glass. What's more is the device only uses 2.5 watts of power, which is 1/5 of the power used by a fluorescent light bulb. However, the energy required to power the iTunes and iCloud facilities per year is enough to run 80,000 homes. These eco-analytic facts can push customers for or against purchasing the iPad, as green living has become a strong motivation as of late.

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