The LEXUS Hoverboard Creatively Gives Riders a Levitating Ride

 - Dec 1, 2015
References: youtube & designmadeinjapan
The Hoverboard by LEXUS is a futuristic take on a hovering skateboard that allows riders to move around while floating as oppose to relying on wheels. The design realizes a concept that was once dreamed about by turning it into a fully functional ride.

Similar to what many consumers might picture when they think of a floating board, the Hoverboard by LEXUS is a modern wooden panel similar to a skateboard that is infused with electromagnetic and conductor technology. This allows the board to float and carry the weight of the rider seamlessly as they direct the board to move in different directions.

While the Hoverboard isn't fully released, videos have surfaced of a prototype version that hopefully one day become an everyday form of transportation.