JAWS' Household Cleaning Product Comes with Attached Concentrate Pods

 - Jul 30, 2015
References: jawscleans
Since one of the most effective ways to remove dirt is with water, it's no surprise that most household cleaning products have formulas that are mostly made up of water.

Water is such an essential component in JAWS' cleaning products, it even inspired the full brand name—Just Add Water System—and the packaging system. A single concentrated refill pod comes attached to a full-size packaging bottle for cleaning everything from bathrooms and kitchens to hardwood floors. To tackle a tough cleaning spot, it makes sense to use more of the concentrate, while giving a surface a quick wipe is likely better off with a higher water content. Either way, this system gives consumers more freedom to clean as they see fit.

Once these small pods have been diluted with enough water and used up, additional pods are available to begin the cleaning system once over. This household cleaning product system with reusable bottles and pods is becoming a popular way to cut out an ingredient a consumer can add on their own, as seen with comparable products like iQ and Replenish.