Custom Cuffs to Showcase Your Own Rod

Hot Rod Jewelry is the creation of silversmiths and hot rod enthusiasts Brad Johnson and Alicia Hanson.

The two combined their skill of silver-smithing with their love for vintage cars. The result is jewelry that every car lover must have. Allowing you to sport your favorite old lead sled front grille on your hand or wrist. Hi Octane design's their car creations in wax and then casts them in Sterling Silver. Revvv it up car front end rings, resemble a 1949 Mercury, and a 1959 Cadillac.
For those of you that are Gearheads you can get a V-8 or motor ring decked out with zoomy bars.

Hi Octane is now making custom Stainless steel cuff bracelets with a sketch of your own custom car. They draw your vehicle from a photo then chemical etch and infill the graphic with paint unto the cuff then, ship you your bracelet.