This Asian Meal is a Fun and Healthy Alternative to Fondue Parties

 - Feb 18, 2015
References: pittsburghmommyblog
Fondue is always a great party dish that focuses on a communal spirit, yet it isn't the healthiest option; enter hot pot. Hot pot is a traditional Asian meal that centers around a 'hot pot' or broth that cooks raw meats, vegetables and noodles. Not only is it incredibly delicious thanks to a concentration on sauces as well, it is nutritious and satisfying.

A fun way to eat with friends, family and even strangers, Asian hot pot will appeal to people who like to try something new and exotic while also not overindulging too much on rich foods. Those who love hosting fondue parties can even re-purpose their existing pot for this meal as well, which makes it convenient. Overall, it is a great experience that focuses on community and sharing.

Photo by Pornchai Mittongtare