Study Shows Men Have A Natural Attraction To Ladies in Red

 - Dec 1, 2008
References: inventorspot
If you're wearing a slinky red outfit, and you catch a man looking at your arse, know that he probably can’t help it. Nor, as it turns out, could a baboon.

An awesome scientific survey found that human males, like baboons, are attracted to ladies in red. The research from the University of Rochester discovered that primate males are known "to respond amorously to females who redden when they are near ovulation." Yep, not very romantic, but apparently when female humans wear red, it has much the same effect on the human male.

I would like to think this is the reason red underwear began being considered sexy, but I am sure the foundations of that are much more mundane, disappointingly.

Whatever you think of this trend, how GREAT is Lady In Red? an absolute classic. I almost cried with the emotion of it all. I wonder if Chris de Burgh knew this when he wrote his song. I must know!

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