Here & There Maps Show Uptown & Downtown Manhattan

 - May 6, 2009
References: schulzeandwebb &
These horizonless projections of New York City by Here & There give you a whole new view of Manhattan. They let you look uptown from 3rd and 7th street, and downtown from 3rd and 35th.

Think of a horizonless projection as a much more advanced paper map of the city you might get from a tourist kiosk, the type that shows major landmarks.

"Imagine a person standing at a street corner. The projection begins with a three-dimensional representation of the immediate environment," says. "Close buildings are represented normally, and the viewer himself is shown in the third person, exactly where she stands.

"As the model bends from sideways to top-down in a smooth join, more distant parts of the city are revealed in plan view. The projection connects the viewer’s local environment to remote destinations normally out of sight."

The Here & There horizonless projection maps of Manhattan, NYC sell for $65 and come in both downtown and uptown images that are 3ft tall by 2ft wide.