The Hoop Concept Watch Features a Tiny Ring to Register the Hour

 - May 8, 2013
References: yankodesign
There is certainly a way to accessorize in a minimalist manner, and the Hoop Concept Watch is the sort of item with which to do it. Designed for NOTdesignstudio by Simone Savini, the chronograph is almost entirely white and nearly void of any fussy details.

A soft rubber material was used to manufacture much of the wristwatch. It comprises a band that broadens and merges with the dial of the timepiece, while the face features a framed disk with a small ring-shaped channel inside of the edge.

Around this inset loop is where you'll just discern a the tips of the minute and hour hands. Respectively, the Hoop Concept Watch subtly displays one straight and one circular point in black, white or a bright color.