The Recovery Baker Miller Hoodie Style is Made for Casual Napping

 - Dec 3, 2015
References: fancy & fancy
The Recovery Baker Miller hoodie style offers a relaxed design aesthetic that encourages down time and napping with the design of the style piece. The sweater features a hood that zips up entirely to offer the wearer a dark, enclosed and separate space to enjoy some quality alone time.

The sweater is designed with health in mind utilizing fashion as a medium through which to calm the body. The hoodie is able to improve relaxation, downtime and rest with features such as mesh pink visor that uses the pastel hue to calm heart rate. Other facets of the design include fabric placement that limits mouth breathing to encourage inhaling through the nose, again to calm the body, and the inclusion of noise capability so an accompanying podcast can be listened to to soothe the mind.

The sweater design showcases an innovative and creative way to offer urban consumers an outlet for personal or alone time in busy or crowded spaces.