The Honey Sriracha Combos Pair Honey and Garlic with Sriracha

 - Jan 13, 2018
References: candyindustry
The sweet and spicy flavor pairing of honey and Sriracha can now be found in one of the newest snacks from Mars Wrigley—Honey Sriracha Combos. These stuffed baked pretzel snacks feature a blend of honey, garlic and the iconic spicy sauce inside of a crunchy pretzel tube.

Across the food and beverage industry, consumers have been seeking out unusual flavor combinations, especially those that offer at least two combinations of sweet, savory, salty and spicy ingredients.

Mars Wrigley recently redesigned the packaging for its Combos product with the aim of simplifying its look to better catch the eyes of consumers. Previously, the packaging featured a black color scheme, but the new colorway favors a more minimalist look with white.