These Office Photos are Cubicle Sympathizers

 - Jun 7, 2013
References: lostateminor
The depressingly honest office photographs shot by documentary photographer Florian van Roekel from 'How
Terry likes his Coffee,' depicting office settings as they really are, with disgruntled employees, artificial lighting and prison-like cubicles.

Each shot taken portrays traditional offices in a negative light. The shots create a claustrophobic feel, as if the employees are trapped in the office rather than working there voluntarily. One such photo shows an average-looking man seated at his desk, staring blankly into his computer screen while holding on to a standard office-issued desk phone. His expression is one of hopelessness, a feeling that permeates this entire photos series.

With this honest office collection, the photographer is clearly making a statement about traditional office life. Without the chance to exercise creativity or personal freedom employees become more and more downtrodden, creating a work environment with little to no morale and a whole lot of depression.