A New York Non-Profit Homeless Campaign Indicates Health Benefits

 - Nov 14, 2013
References: crossroadsnyc.org & fastcoexist
This thought provoking homeless campaign points out how helping homeless people can benefit one's health. These ads for New York-based Crossroads Community Services explain how small acts of kindness can improve one's health and wellness. This allows people to see how something like a $5 donation can be stretched to help multiple people.

The pro bono homeless campaign supports the non-profit, which hopes to make the issue of homelessness stand out more. Rather than putting the emphasis on homeless people and their problems, which would appeal to human empathy, these ads focus on the audience and what they would get out of it. This approach appeals to self-involved human behaviour. This tactic will likely prove effective with the population on the fence about giving to charity, rather than those who already give.