The Drayton 'miGenie' System Controls Home Utilities

 - Mar 17, 2016
References: mi-genie & mi-genie
Not only is the Drayton 'miGenie' System capable of controlling the HVAC system in one's home, but it's also designed to help control other home utilities.

Aside from heating specific zones in the home, the Drayton 'miGenie' System can also provide hot water to certain areas at specific times. This comes in handy for rental units, those that travel or simply to maximize overall efficiency of the home as the system can be set to only keep water hot when you're home.

Additional thermostats can be added throughout the house thanks to the upgradeable nature of the Drayton 'miGenie' System. Instead of offering a single hub, the system can be implemented through the home to allow sunny rooms to receive less heat and colder ones to receive more.