HomeAdvisor Created Seven Home Office Concepts Based on Popular Fonts

 - Feb 8, 2018
References: homeadvisor & archdaily
In the design world, a good font is next to godliness, and these home office concepts give due praise and respect to some of the most well-know fonts out there. The project, created by home design company HomeAdvisor, imagines seven different home office concepts inspired by both commonly loved and commonly loathed fonts.

Home offices are often the first space to suffer major design damage in one's home, simply due to the fact that they can get messy and disorganized in a hurry. These home office concepts manage to avoid that, with carefully curated design traits that manage to stay in line with the spirit of the different fonts incorporated into the project. The Helvetica office, for example, is clean and efficient, with a little bit of showiness to exemplify the font's celebrity status. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the Comic Sans office is just as childish and playful as that notoriously silly font.