Smeg's Home Appliance Ad Shows a Chicken Hopelessly Lost in a Roomy Oven

 - Jul 29, 2014
References: smeg & coloribus
This home appliance ad for Smeg's large capacity ovens is a humorous way to show just how spacious its ovens really are. Although kitchen appliances are necessary, they're not always the most entertaining products to advertise. However, the print advertisement by Y&R Israel is pretty clever.

In the ad, a chicken is shown with compass and map in hand, in an environment that looks to be very hot and uncomfortable. The interior of the oven is so spacious, it's clear that the chicken could be wandering around for days, probably salivating at the sight of chicken feed mirages on his long and drawn-out journey. Unfortunately for poor lost Mr. Chicken, the only place he will likely end up is on the dinner table.