These Holiday Pancakes are Flavored in the Spirit of Christmas

Just in time for the festive winter season are these holiday pancakes by Williams-Sonoma that are flavored to taste just like gingerbread cookies. The hot cakes have a dark brown coloring and zesty ginger flavor that perfectly emulates the taste of the holiday biscuit in a lighter format.

Typically gingerbread cookies are used to create gingerbread men or houses thanks to the dough's sturdy and hardened texture. These pancakes are tender and fluffy offering a lighter and more airy version of the same flavors. The hot cake batter is infused with molasses, cinnamon, ginger, cloves and dark brown sugar to replicate the taste, aesthetic and texture of the cookies. With the addition of molasses, the pancakes end up cooking slightly thicker in size than traditional plain hot cakes. This breakfast can be served with whipped cream and maple syrup.