These Purely Elizabeth Granolas are Packed Maca and Ashwagandha

 - Jan 5, 2018
References: purelyelizabeth
For many people, holiday eating means indulgence and guilt, but for Christmastime, Purely Elizabeth launched its first-ever line of limited-edition Holiday Granolas. The brand's first Holiday Granolas included Dark Chocolate Strawberry + Maca, as well as Pumpkin Spice + Ashwagandha.

On its own, granola tends to be a healthy source of vitamins, minerals, other essential nutrients, and dietary fibers—with the added adaptogens maca and ashwagandha, the nutrient-dense granola mixes are all the more potent and packed with functional benefits. Maca can help to support energy levels, stamina, a healthy balance of hormones and adrenal functions, while ashwagandha is revered for its ability to sustain physical endurance and enhance relaxation, cognitive functions and the recovery process.

Many health-conscious consumers are looking for adaptogenic ingredients to be included in their favorite snacks and beverages as a means of easily maintaining their well-being throughout the day.