Trakline Holeless Belts Use a Clever System to Snugly Adjust Size

 - Jun 5, 2013
References: kickstarter
A San Diego man invented holeless belts that use a special technology to fit more perfectly than standard belts. Inspired by some of his personal past experiences with poorly designed leather belts, the Trakline is perfected to be comfortable and appealing.

The hidden "trak" system is supposed to last longer than holed belts, because they will not stretch and wear out. The track, made of full-grade leather, is cut a certain way so that the buckle adjusts and clips to every quarter inch track. The steel buckle has a small tab underneath it that can release or adjust the belt.

Belt holes are spaced apart ever half inch or so. The Trakline belt can be adjusted to every quarter inch, assuring the perfect fit. The Trakline offers 40 sizing positions to choose from, while traditional belts usually have five.