Hoang Nguyen Renders Badass Beautiful Women with Body Art

 - Jan 16, 2012
References: inkbutter & artforadults.tumblr
The women of these Hoang Nguyen illustrations are peculiar due to their simultaneously innocuous and badass features. The doe-eyes, clear complexions and femininity of each lady would suggest that they would be mild-mannered, but then again, they all have some heavy duty tattoo work done. In fact, many of Nguyen’s women have full arm sleeves and meticulous back pieces, demonstrating their tolerance for pain, as getting such intricate body art would no doubt be excruciating. It’s about time someone illustrated women as both girly and butt kicking.

Hoang Nguyen is currently based in California, where he works as a comic book artist and Illustrator. Moving to the States during the Vietnam War, his images fuse his Asian background with Western influences. His depiction of Little Red Riding Hood as an Asian girl with tattoos may just be the first of its kind.