The Museum of London Uses Minecraft to Retell the Fire of 1666

 - Jul 20, 2016
References: cnet & engadget
The Museum of London is recreating the Great Fire of London with historical Minecraft. The Museum used Microsoft's brick-building game to create renditions of the city before the fire, during the fire and after the city has been burnt.

The 'Great Fire 1666' project will be a three-part release. The first map shows the city before the fire including landmarks like St. Paul's Cathedral and the London Bridge. Audio clips will be included that explain possible reasons for why the fire spread so quickly. The second release will take place as the fire is happening and all players need to save residents, fight the flames and talk to historical figures. The final installation will allow players to rebuild London using the actual architectural plans of Christopher Wren, John Evelyn and others.

The interactive quality of the historical Minecraft game will engage players as they learn about the fire that nearly destroyed London 350 years ago this summer.