Hiroyuki Ogawa Architects Designs a Perpetually Filtered Smoking Room

 - Mar 18, 2015
References: ogawaoffice & dezeen
Hiroyuki Ogawa Architects has created a smoking room that is designed to be smokeless. The smoking room, built for a shopping mall on the edge of Tokyo, sucks smoke out of the room using a series of fans hidden behind a curved wooden wall. The fans help draw the smoke up to the roof where it is extracted.

The edge of the wooden screen is lit up so that smokers know to hold their cigarettes there. Pulling smoke from a smoking room may seem like a silly idea, but it's important to remember that health matters for everyone, including those who choose to smoke. Smokers have been increasingly pushed to the margins of society, which is what makes it so unique that Hiroyuki Ogawa Architects has designed a project aimed at protecting their health and not necessarily the health of non-smokers.