This Highly Addictive Arcade Game Lets You Take on the Hipster Zombies

Hipster Zombies is an arcade action game where you defend your neighborhood (ironically) against hipsters who have been turned into zombies. The developers at Sharkbomb Studios are clearly over society's obsession with zombies and poke fun with a keen sense of hipster-hating humor.

As a hoodie-wearing human, it's your mission to fight back against the hipster zombies and keep it real. Instead of using bullets, you have an array of weapons including mason jars, typewriters and vinyl records. As you navigate through the game, you must assassinate your opponents in stereotypical hipster hangout spots like coffee shops, thrift shops and hat shops. You'll also encounter different breeds of zombie villains, like the biketard hipster who is incapable of riding a bicycle, but the irony of the situation gives him super speed.